What files should I send and how

- Firstly, you should make a backup copy of your project, for yourself. - Export your track, as it is right now. It will help me to understand your intention and serves me as a reference. - For the stems, each individual tracks : - I like to have the same track with and without [...]

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What I use (studio gears)

I’m using high end digital and analog processors. I listen through high quality studio monitors, with good D/A converters, in an acoustically calibrated room. "The most important piece of equipment in the recording studio : the human brain" - Sir George Martin (Beatles producer)

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Who I am

I started to play with a DAW at 11yo with my dad’s computer, my parents are musicians, and continued to learn music and production. I also play drums, machines, percs, keyboards and synths, and I’m learning to sing, but most of all, my main instrument is my studio DAW. My studio is my musical instrument. [...]

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Why a mixer

Firstly, a fresh and objective listening of the sound, and a subjective optimization of the music. High quality monitors and D/A converters, with a good acoustic in the studio, to have a high fidelity of how it really sounds. Experimented, trained and specialised in mixing to listen and enhance sounds. I chose to specialize as [...]

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