Félix LA :

Felix LA : "Hey, I mix sounds"

"Hey, I mix sounds"


Welcome to my website.
As a sound engineer and co-producer,
I offer to mix your music to make it sound its best, and amplify emotions for listeners.



The recording studio is located in south of France, Les Cévennes, Lasalle. 1 hour from Montpellier.

And there is a comfortable cottage attached to the studio at a very affordable rate.

Here you can record in a peaceful environment.

The main live room is 41m2 and designed by an acoustic architect.

Some mics we use are Neumann U87, TLM103, KM184, C414 AKG, MD421 Sennheiser… pre-amps are MIDAS.

Studio monitors are GENELEC 1032 with sub and AVANTONE MixCubes.

272e / day : 9h-18h